“CK-13 Patstroy” JSC

CK-13 PATSTROY JSC-     Pernik is subsidiary company of CK-13 Hold-ing JSC. The company has been established in 1993 by transformation from PUTNO UPRAVLENIE- Pernik into limited liability company Patsroykomplekt and after that transformed into Joint stock company “CK-13 PATSTROY The subject of activity is : civil works, repair and maintenance of roads and road facilities, civil communications and ralated infrastructures;  production of all types of construction materials and aggregates  : research and developement, design, investment, engineering and commercial activity in the country and abroad; Equipment rental and transport services.
The company is accredited by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and National Road Infrastructure Agency as complying with the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank for works under international infrastructural projects.
CK- 13 Patstroy JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber Roads, the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association. The company is registered with the Central Register of Professional Builders and is certified for construction works from 1st to 5th group.

Through the integrated quality management system CK-13 PATSTROY aims to reach maximum satisfaction of the customers, continuous improvement of quality in construction works and sites quality in general, as well as strict observance of legal regulations in Bulgaria as regards of environment protection and to ensure healthy and safe work conditions
Industrial capacities
Quality Assurance
- Road construction testing lab- The construction laboratory is accredited by the National Committee for lab tests of asphalt mixtures, ground works, bitumen physical and mechanical test of aggregates. The lab is equipped with the necessary that comply with the requirements of BDS, AASHTO, ASTM and BS.
Agregates production Department
The quarry is located on 3km away of the village Studena and on 27 km away of Sofia. The brand of the aggregates is dolomite limestone complying with the requirements of NDS and AASHTO for manufacture of high – quality agregates for concrete and asphalt mixtures. The yield is executed by two stationary crushing plants.
From the beginning of 2007 we expand the the type of aggregates.    CK-13
-type of

 aggregates for concrete and asphalt mixtures (0-4 mm, 4-12.5mm, 12.5-20mm, 4- 8mm, 8-12mm, 12-16mm, 16-20mm)and aggregates for road base (0-50mm,0-70mm, 0-100mm). The annual extraction yield of the quarry is approx. 1  000 000 m3.The aggregates produced by the crushing plants are 500 000 m3 that is 50% from the total extraction.
Asphalt Mixtures production Department
Asphalt Plant ,,Studena’’
The facility is located on the territory of Studena Quarry and is equipped with  asphalt plants  SIM with capacity of 120 tones per hour and Marini with capacity of 200 tones per hour. Both plants comply with all requirements of the technical specifications and can produce asphalt mixtures with granulated and fluid additives (SMA, color asphalt etc.)The total capacity of the plants is 320 tons per hour.
Asphalt Plants Potsurnentsi and Vidritsa, Stone powder plant
The Potsurnentsi facility has ball-crusher for production of stone powder with capacity of 4 tones per hour. The produced stone powder has the best highest quality in Western Bulgaria and is extremely demanded by the road-construction companies .The plants have asphalt mixers of type DS-117.
Asphalt Mixture Pavement Departments
The company has four fully equipped teams for asphalt pavement. They are equipped with asphalt pavers with electronics- three DYNAPAC and one VOGELE, Tamper screeds, steam rollers, Pneumatic turbo rollers, compressors,
emulsion spillage machine and other specific equipment. The department is equipped with WIRTGEN and DYNAPAC planners- width of 500mm and 1000mm.
Construction team
The company has several construction teams. They are qualified to execute earth and roads and concrete works and drainage facilities.
Geodesy Team
The team consists of high qualified geodesists. They are equipped with Digital & electronic levels and Total Stations TPS
Road Construction Equipment and Trucks
The company has own road construction equipment and transport that are necessary for executing all types of road works as follows:
Rubber-tire steam rollers, Dressta auto-grader, Tankraf automatic crane, trucks, traction engines, multifunctional loading diggers, Excavators Komatsu LC350 and Varinski, bulldozers, light- carrying and passenger minibuses and automobiles, as well as specialized equipment.