"CK-13 Transstroy" JSC


 CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC is  subsidiary company of CK-13 Hold-ing JSC since 1998 . The company is successor of the traditions of “TRANSSTROY “ established since more than 80 years .
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC is Bulgaria leading infrastructure engineering company. The highly trained managers, specialist and executive personnel can find the ideal solution.
Due to the high quality of works and short term of execution, CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC has become successfully participates in many tenders . The company is desired and reliable partner.
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC policy is aimed at improving the system for quality management to increase client satisfaction by meeting all of their requirements. This is achieved by applying modern management methods, implementation of new advanced Technologies for the execution of  works, and delivery of quality production to our clients.
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC main activities are :
-    Design  and construction; repairs and  maintenance of conventional railroads, stations, tunnels, bridges and other facilities;
-    Lying and repair of railway track Catenary and Signaling systems;
-    Construction of railroads, contact rails, and facilities in Metropoliten-Sofia;
-    Construction and repairs of tram rails and facilities;
-    General engineering works and earthworks.
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders in Bulgaria and has certification for 1 st to 5 th degree. Furthermore, it is a member of the professional organization of European Federation of Railroad Track Constructors / EFRTC/.
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC implements  innovated technologies and construction methods:
-    Design and construction of  non-ballast railways for metropolitans,  tunnels and bridges .
-    Construction of embankments with non-traditional consolidation methods – embankment reinforcing with geo-meshes, gabions, and other solutions for regions characterized with weak grounds and high underground waters.
-    Mechanized restoration of railroads and switches with set of  portal cranes ;
-    Implementation of new vibration-isolation technologies, designer solutions and materials for tramway railroads construction
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC  has integrated quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
CK-13 TRANSSTROY JSC  has two basis in the Sofia town  and Pernik town with good facilities for carrying out the company activities. The company  also has huge storage areas there.The company has fully equipment for railroad  and catenary works -Locomotives series 55, set of cocks for points placement “Geismar”, road-placement crane “UK 25/18”, motor platforms MPD, sleeper machine “Plasser” 07-16, traction engine AGMU, hopper and K-cars, road-raising